PHYS 511: Computational Modeling and Simulation - Fall 2016

Location & Contact Info
Instructor: Sergiy Bubin
Lecture and Lab Hours: Fri 3:00 PM - 5:50 PM in room 7.212
Office Hours: Tue,Thu 10:20 AM - 11:20 AM in room 7.204 (or by appointment)
Phone: +7 (7172) 69 46 63
Course Description
In this course, students will acquire the knowledge and skills for solving various scientific problems and analyzing data using modern computational techniques. The course will include certain subjects related to the traditional numerical analysis (finding roots of systems of algebraic equations, numerical interpolation and extrapolation of data, numerical differentiation and integration, Fourier transforms) as well as the methods of simulating various systems and phenomena governed by ordinary and partial differential equations (Monte Carlo, finite element, and Galerkin methods).
Course Info
Syllabus: syllabussyllabus.pdf
Lecture notes and lab assignments (second half-semester)
# Date Description Lecture notes Assignment Possible solution
1 Oct 21 A quick guide to Fortran and LAPACK. asgnlec01.pdf asgnas01.pdf asgnas01.f90
2 Oct 28 Finite differences. Discretization of differential operators. asgnlec02.pdf asgnas02.pdf
3 Nov 4 Finite differences in 2D and 3D problems. Heat equation. Laplace equation. asgnlec03.pdf asgnas03.pdf asgnas03.f90 asgnt.gnu asgnt.png
4 Nov 11 Galerkin method. asgnlec04.pdf asgnas04.pdf asgnas04.png
5 Nov 18 Introduction to parallel computing with OpenMP. asgnlec05.pdf asgnas05.pdf asgnas05a.f90 asgnas05b.f90
6 Nov 25 Introduction to parallel computing with MPI. asgnlec06.pdf asgnas06.pdf asgnas06.f90

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